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    Past Activity Calendars

    Please check below for past activity calendars. Sarah is always open to suggestions, so please come and talk to her if you would like a specific activity on the next calendar! :)

    How to Sign Up for Activities

    Free/Pay As You Go Activities

    Step One:

    Go to the Activities Counter in the 3rd floor lounge

    Step Two:

    Look for the sign-up sheets at the Activities Counter (Attached to clipboards)

    Step Three:

    Make sure the sign-up sheet is for the right activity!

    Step Four:

    Write your name down

    Step Five:

    Make sure you know when and where you must meet for the activity

    Paid Activities

    Step One:

    Fill out the sign up form (Link below)

    Step Two:

    After finishing the form, come to the Activities Counter in the 3rd floor lounge. Someone will be there to make sure you picked all the right activities.

    Step Three:

    Pay the total amount of your activities. We accept cash, debit, Mastercard, and Visa.

    Step Four:

    Make sure that you get a paper ticket if you signed up for an ISX activity. If you purchased a CES paid activity, you do not need a ticket. Just remember when and where we are meeting for the activity!

    Step Five:

    Make sure you know when and where you must meet for the activity

    ISX Trip Information

    Please remember to sign up & PAY as soon as possible to reserve your seat!
    We suggest 1-2 weeks in advance of overnight trips because they fill up quickly.

    You can use the same sign up form as the other paid activities. In section 3 of the form, you can pick which ISX activities you want to go to. Here's another link to our sign up form:

    Awesome Upcoming Trips!

    New York City on June 14th from $409 or New York City Nightrider on May 31st from $369

    French Canada on June 21st from $289 or French Kiss on June 29th from $359

    Many Weekends: Niagara Falls $60

    Trip Schedules

    Please CLICK HERE to find mock schedules of all the ISX trips.

    Contact Information

    Social Program Coordinator: Sarah

    Email: skehoe@ces-schools.com
    Instagram: TriSaarahTops

    Centre of English Studies Toronto

    Telephone: +1 (416) 968-1405 *If asked for extension, dial 0 for reception*
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    Instagram: centreofenglishstudiesTO
    Twitter: gv_toronto

    ISX Canada

    Telephone: +1 (416) 920-9997
    Address: 754 Yonge Street (3rd floor), Toronto, Ontario
    Website: ISX Canada
    Facebook: ISX Tours
    Instagram: isxtours


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